A little story about us

The purpose of the Ukrainian WoWWood company

Now we are in Poland and we decided to recreate the craft of the family by giving work to Ukrainian refugees who will help us in our favorite business.

Life during the war in Ukraine

With tears in our eyes, we remember one of the most mournful and tragic dates in our history. On February 24, 2022, the war in Ukraine began. Many troubles surround our Ukrainian people.In order to stay alive and save our children, we had to leave our home, work and past life.

Life before the war in Ukraine

In 2018, our eldest daughter really wanted a dog. Our family has curled a pet and we decided to make him a room booth that will fit into the interior as much as possible.
We made our first dog house. We really liked this idea, and we developed a holistic production of pet houses in Ukraine.

Since then and to this day, we have been doing our favorite thing and helping our beloved pets "SMILE".