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Outdoor rabbit hutches, any color, made of the highest grade plywood

Outdoor rabbit hutches, any color, made of the highest grade plywood

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Short description

Cozy housing for your pet rabbits, made of moisture-resistant, environmentally friendly plywood of the highest grade 18mm thick, painted with environmentally friendly oil on the inside, painted with porioritan varnish on the outside
All 4 doors are sliding, inside there is a partition that divides into 2 spaces, this partition is removable, it can be quickly installed and removed
This cage nightstand can be used as a full-fledged element of the interior, it can easily withstand human weight, putting pillows on it you can sit, lie, or use it as a TV stand

Production, materials, quality

- We have our own small workshop in which our family works and 3 more families of our compatriots help us in this
- This is a non-serial product that is produced at the factory. This is a handmade individual work. Like any manual work has its advantages and merits, we put all our warmth and attention into the final product, paying attention to all the details, trying to make it perfect.
- This model is made of European moisture-resistant plywood of the highest grade with a thickness of 18mm
-Painting from the outside in 4 coats, 2 coats of wood primer, 2 coats of polyoritan varnish
- the inside is covered with ecological oil, so the rabbit can safely gnaw it
-The quality of the final product can be judged by our photos, our photos are natural without the use of editors
- The size can be selected according to our size table, the dimensions are external, the internal dimensions are smaller by the wall thickness
-More of life and our works in our instagram by nickname @wowwoodukr

Delivery, packaging, assembly

- We pay for shipping to you, that is, free shipping for you, but we do not pay customs duties if there are any in your country, the buyer pays customs duties
- We do not have gift packaging, but it is as reliable as possible. we have strengthened our packaging as much as possible, Below packing description
each item is wrapped in stretch film
all elements of the product are tightly tied together with adhesive tape
the product is wrapped in a soft foam film 5 mm thick, this material is similar to pinoplast only more elastic
then we pack the product in industrial carton sheet which has 5 layers
additionally, we put protection on all corners and tightly tighten everything with adhesive tape
on top I wrap a black stretch film and stick a sticker that the glass is inside so that the couriers are treated with attention
In total, our goods have 6 layers of protection during transportation, we were burned many times during delivery due to the fact that couriers do not take care of the parcels, as a result, we developed the most reliable packaging. Yes, the packaging is not a gift, but reliable
- We additionally buy insurance, all our parcels are insured
- We also guarantee that if there is damage in transit, we will replace all damaged parts or all packaging.-
- To assemble everything you need in the kit, you only need a screwdriver
If you have never assembled furniture and have not tightened screws, then it is better to contact a professional, but in fact the assembly is very simple, if you are not confident in your abilities, visit our instagram @wowwoodukr there is an assembly instruction or contact us, we will drop the link to the video on YouTube
-After your order, we start manufacturing your dog house, for this we already have all the necessary blanks, the production time takes from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the number of orders, if you need a quick time, please contact us before ordering
- Doors have a smooth running, closed with one click on the lock.

- Soft mattress sold separately.
The pillow can be purchased separately via our link.

If you did not find the right size and color, please contact us, we will make it individually for you. Do you have any questions? Chat with us.
or visit our instagram @wowwoodukr for more life and manufacturing processes


For the manufacture of our products, we use only high-quality and certified materials of European production.

How to use

All products come with instructions for use, you can also get advice from us at any time.


The main delivery services that we use are FedEx and UPS, delivery time from the moment of order is from 7 to 21 business days depending on your country and your chosen product, you can also get more accurate information in the chat.

Delivery anywhere in the world is free, but all customs fees are paid by the recipient, they depend on the country of receipt

Return policy

We have a 30 day return policy. More information in the menu section return policy

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Our brand

Our brand comes from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Due to hostilities, production was temporarily transferred to Poland. We help refugees from Ukraine with work and housing. We also transfer a percentage of each sale to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who courageously defend our land.
We will be grateful for your support ♥︎